How We Increased SERP Rank with Strong SEO and a 301 Redirect

March 28, 2019 |

In an earlier post, I explained how we landed a featured snippet for our most popular Microsoft Office help page – even though we totally ignored SEO best practices. Google felt it was worthy of position 0 in spite of terrible SEO because it answered the search queries better than... View Article

Business Analytics Changes How We Do Business

February 21, 2019 |

What is the purpose of digital analytics in business? Should you use it to simply pat yourself on the back for an upward trend in website sessions? Perhaps there is something deeper. Let’s dig in. Data-Driven Decisions If business analytics does not change how we do business, then it is... View Article

How We Landed a Featured Snippet in Spite of Bad SEO

February 18, 2019 |

Optimizing web pages for organic search is a key component of any SEO strategy. We are taught to use targeted keywords in page titles, headings, and meta descriptions; to also include keywords in the page copy and the alt tags of our images. We adhere to sound SEO principles, doing... View Article

Announcing a change in our web content management system

January 2, 2019 |

At the end of November 2018, the Web Services team inked a deal to switch web content management systems (WCMS) from Sitecore to Progress Software’s Sitefinity. Lest this come across otherwise, we deeply understand that a WCMS change is a massive undertaking and one that we do not take lightly.... View Article

Handbook search re-launched

October 18, 2017 |

The ability to search the faculty, staff and personnel policy handbooks has been missing since our website re-launch this past June. In technical jargon, the indexing and searching mechanisms in the new website were completely re-architected, resulting in the need to rewrite how the searches are performed and the output... View Article

March 2017 Stats

April 5, 2017 |

Highlights for March, 2017 This month we added a filter to our Top Content table to exclude pages that require a login. Sessions are down 8%, and Users are down 5%. New Sessions are up 3%. Chrome is the most popular browser (but Safari is surging – a little), Windows... View Article

February 2017 Stats

March 7, 2017 |

Highlights for February This month we decided to filter our stats and only include off-campus users. As a result, Sessions are down 10% compared to January, and Users dropped to 145,221 (a 5.6% decrease). Chrome is still the most popular browser, Windows is still the platform of choice, and the desktop... View Article

January 2017 Stats

February 10, 2017 |

Beginning this month, we will use Google Data Studio for detailed reporting of our site stats. Highlights for January We are tracking a new dimension called Device Category (which shows if a user visited our site using a desktop, mobile, or tablet device). Sessions are up 14% compared to December, and... View Article

December 2016 Stats

January 9, 2017 |

Website statistics for December, 2016. Domain: Traffic 439,413 Sessions by 163,427 Users 28.59% New Sessions 40.23% On Campus 59.77% Off Campus

November 2016 Stats

December 6, 2016 |

Cedarville is known for their exemplary honor of service members and veterans and their annual Veterans Day Chapel. Traffic 621,770 views by 258,679 people 35.1% New Visits 54.0% On Campus 46.0% Off Campus