May 12, 2023 |

The Web Services team is excited to be looking for a 4th member to join our staff. This is a completely new position for us that we have titled Web Content Creator. Are you a skilled and imaginative web developer that understands the uniqueness of writing for the web? Can you creatively build, edit, and optimize marketing-driven web content? Do you know how to make search engines happy and possess the technical prowess to put things together in a web content management system?

Why Cedarville? Cedarville is a great place to work—friendly employees, vibrant Christian community, higher education-influenced paid holidays (e.g. many days!), and tuition remission for the employee’s children (huge perk!). Our team works closely together and with others, especially in the Marketing and Communication division.

For those that are interested, or know someone who might be interested, the view the full job posting for the Web Content Creator and then begin your job application today!

The Web Content Creator position is a full time (2080 annual hours), exempt position, that reports to the Executive Director of Web Strategy and Marketing Technology. The primary responsibilities of the position are:

  • Creates and edits web-optimized content that engages the reader, expresses the University’s key messages, speaks in the University brand’s voice, and adheres to best practices. 
  • Generates compelling content that speaks to individuals by leveraging personas and user journeys while aligning with SEO strategies for high-ranking content.
  • Collaborates with campus clients, content contributors, and internal teams to plan, develop, write, optimize, manage, and approve content for the web.
  • Works closely with the division Vice-President and Copy Editor for unified messaging and voice.
  • Engages in discovery sessions to learn about opportunities and details for content strategy and development.
  • Pursues ongoing, sitewide content improvement.
  • Stays up to date with industry trends and generates new ideas to draw the attention of targeted audiences.
  • Produces and modifies content in the University’s web content management system with a high level of proficiency.
  • Implements recommendations based on marketing analytics to address the key business and marketing challenges of the University.
  • Trains campus content contributors in web writing concepts and best practices.

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